Kleencovic Are Your Commercial Cleaners in Melbourne

Kleencovic are leading commercial cleaners in Melbourne, delivering a wide range of client-focused cleaning services to suit your schedule, budget, and cleaning needs. With an experienced team of Melbourne commercial cleaners on call to deliver sanitation services, waste management and bin services, and a large selection of cleaning services, Kleencovic are ready to serve commercial, industrial and domestic cleaning clients across Melbourne.

Medical Centre Cleaning Melbourne

The search for reliable, efficient, and professional commercial cleaners in Melbourne just got easier thanks to Kleencovic. Our management staff are experienced communicators and customer service experts, blending youthful enthusiasm with professional integrity and rapport. Coupled with the skills and experience of our commercial cleaning services team, this focus on customer service and building professional relationships enables us to provide the best Melbourne cleaning services for our clients.

Commercial cleaning services

Our commercial cleaning services are designed to put the client in control of their environment. We always work to your specifications, and never expect you to pay for cleaning services that you don’t need. The Kleencovic management team are ready to listen to your requirements and suggest the commercial cleaning services that best suit them, as well as finding the best cleaning schedule for you.

With a comprehensive selection of commercial cleaning services, we have all our Melbourne clients covered. Remember, all Kleencovic commercial cleaning services are tailored to meet your schedule, budget, and circumstances. This means that our cleaning services are customisable, with the client playing an important role in the design of services delivered by our Melbourne commercial cleaners. In short, our commercial cleaning services are built on two important areas of professional expertise, with your business or organisation nominating the required sanitation or cleaning services in line with your needs.

Sanitation Services

Sanitation services are an integral part of our suite of commercial cleaning services. Our Melbourne cleaners provide businesses with sanitary waste bins and sanitary products that ensure a healthy and safe way of managing sanitary waste is available at your premises. This could include sanitary waste units in bathrooms, sharps disposal units, or specialty sanitation products that suit your unique requirements. Examples of our Melbourne sanitation services include waste management services, bin services, sanitary waste bin services, disinfection services, sharps disposal services etc.

Cleaning services

In delivering the best Melbourne cleaning services, we understand that maintaining a healthy, vibrant atmosphere is an integral part of your business image. More than this, professional standard cleaning services are sure to boost productivity and wellbeing among those using your business space. Our commercial cleaners can help you achieve this in the following ways:

  • Steam cleaning, carpet cleaning, hard floor cleaning
  • Cleaning surface areas such as benches, desks, tables, doors, and walls
  • Window cleaning
  • Toilet cleaning, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and maintaining a high overall standard of cleaning in all facilities
  • Cleaning appliances such as office equipment, kitchen equipment etc.
  • Dusting and cobweb removal
  • Spill cleaning, spot cleaning, and detailed cleaning where required

This list is not an exhaustive summary of the services we provide, and we encourage customers to request any professional cleaning services that they require so that we can instruct our cleaners accordingly.

As a team on the rise as commercial cleaners in Melbourne, our range of commercial cleaning services are extended to clients of all types in a range of sectors. This means that our Melbourne cleaners are versatile, and can act as:

Body Corporate cleaners

If you manage residential property or premises in Melbourne, our body corporate cleaners/owners’ corporation cleaners are at your service. Maintaining clean, healthy, and attractive spaces is what our Melbourne cleaners do best. Kleencovic delivers excellent cleaning results in the common areas of premises managed by body corporate or owners’ corporations to add value to your Melbourne property.

Office cleaners

By creating a clean, neat, and attractive environment, our Melbourne office cleaners create productive work spaces that allow your team to focus on what you do best. This also enables your business or organisation to maintain the best possible image in the eyes of customers, employees, clients, and other stakeholders.

School cleaners

Integral to effective learning and the wellbeing of students and staff, a clean and healthy school is the result delivered by our qualified school cleaners. Let your school get on with the business of learning and teaching, leave the cleaning, waste management, and sanitation services to the experts from Kleencovic!

Shop cleaners and shopping centre cleaners

If you run a small business, such as a retail shop or hospitality business, our Melbourne shop cleaners can take care of the cleaning so that you can give your customers the best service possible. We ensure that your business premises is attractive, safe, and tidy to give both you and your customers the best experience a shop can provide. Supermarkets, shopping centres, retail arcades, and other precincts are also able to engage our commercial cleaners to create a vibrant space where business can thrive.

Industrial cleaners

Whether you need factory cleaners capable of covering a large, complex space with unique requirements and safety considerations, or a team of hard-working industrial cleaners who aren’t afraid to get involved in big builders cleans or construction site cleaning, Kleencovic has you covered. Our industrial cleaners are qualified to deliver safe, clean work environments in settings that require the use of special cleaning equipment.


Kleencovic offers all of the above to clients in the Melbourne CBD, Melbourne suburbs, and broader metropolitan area. With an emphasis on customer service that ensures you can rely on us to deliver the best Melbourne cleaning services when you need them, we work with clients to create a service plan and schedule that puts them in control. As our valued clients, we communicate with cleaning customers to get to know them and their circumstances, because your goal is our goal when it comes to creating a clean and healthy environment. Contact Kleencovic today to speak with a committed team of commercial cleaners in Melbourne.