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Kleenco Vic cleaning services are the cleaners Melbourne look for that specialise in cleaning a variety of small, medium and large spaces either for your residential, office, industrial or business needs. We will ensure that your space looks amazing after cleaning. We are committed to maintaining high standards of cleaning across all spaces and this is the driving force behind the success of our company.
Kleenkoc Vic offer flexible contracts for the client’s benefit and comfort. We provide, honest, transparent and high standard cleaning services and we have an excellent track record in working with various industries and important clients.
Our cleaning teams are our greatest assets. We empower our cleaners to take responsibility for every project they undertake and we take the health and safety of our customers and staff as very important and a top priority in the delivery of our services. We undertake site-specific risk and method assessments as part of the delivery of our services to ensure the health and safety of our customers and cleaners. Our cleaning services also help reduce our carbon footprint and minimise any negative impact on the environment.

Commercial cleaning

Our commercial cleaning services offer internal, general and routine cleaning of commercial spaces. This may include cleaning of floors, tiles, walls, ceilings, lighting, furniture and windows. It also covers the cleaning of washing facilities, dining areas and the kitchen. Part of our commercial cleaning duties also includes cleaning of telephones, IT equipment, and carpets. External commercial cleaning services include litter picking and graffiti removal. With the use of the proper procedures and the latest technologies, commercial cleaning can help provide a healthy environment for you and your employees. It can give you the satisfaction of a clean and orderly workspace.

Office cleaning

Studies show that orderly office spaces are more conducive for productivity. Therefore, Kleenco Vic office cleaning will help you achieve your productivity goals by keeping your office workspace clean and orderly. We can help you arrange and consolidate loose papers into your filing cabinets. We can also clean, sanitise and disinfect your office restrooms, keep your electronics clean and dust free, keep the break room clean, remove rubbish from the rubbish bin every day, keep the public areas of your office presentable and keep the clutter to a minimum by clearing the desk spaces.

To keep the business running smoothly, clean office space is necessary. Clean office spaces make a good place for working. Clutter-free office spaces can give a feeling of freedom and peace. It can also help workers become more productive and have an enjoyable time working where cluttered is stored away in proper storage spaces.

House cleaning

Apartment and house cleaning is very important in keeping your residence clean. We all want to live in an orderly and clean home but sometimes we just do not have enough time to do the cleaning ourselves. This is where Kleenco Vic comes in. We will keep your home clean for you anytime you want.

We can wipe baseboards and high traffic areas for you. We can also sweep and vacuum the floors for you. Mopping the floors after vacuuming and sweeping is something that we also offer as well as removing dust from all surfaces of the home. We will also help you clean out sliding door tracks, scrub and remove any stains on the walls, clean appliances inside and out, clean beneath and between appliances, wipe and clean the refrigerator inside and out, clean the stove hood fan and filter, clean ovens and microwave, empty and clean cabinets, clean the sinks and countertops. We can also clean your bathroom by scrubbing the toilets, showers and bathtubs. We can also clean the shower curtains, mirrors, sinks and countertops. We will also leave toilet paper ready for your bathroom users.

Industrial cleaning

Industrial cleaning involves the cleaning of hazardous areas in industrial facilities. These may include power plants, warehouses, factories and other types of industrials facilities or spaces. The type of cleaning needed for these facilities is highly dependent on the type of facility. Specific equipment and chemicals are needed to be used for various types of facilities.

Industrial cleaning is a very demanding cleaning job because there is a need to work around heavy machinery and there are safety risks involved. Every industrial cleaning project requires a team of dedicated industrial cleaning experts. Strong ties between team members are essential in making quicker and efficient cleaning. Industrial cleaning helps remove combustible dust that can cause massive fires. It also helps remove hazards, contaminants and chemicals that can affect workers. Industrial cleaning help save lives, prevent environmental damage and keep workplaces safe.

Other industrial cleaning services we offer include cleaning laboratories, locker rooms, loading docks, warehouses, storage areas, industrial equipment, exhaust systems, silos and more. We also offer cleaning services for emergency spills, tank cleaning, hydroblasting, vacuum truck operation, and sanitation in food industries.

Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning services use micro sponges that contain mild organic solvents, with anti-bacterial agents, and natural surfactants and citrus perfumes for the process. Our dry cleaning process is suitable for all types of carpet and upholstery. They can be useful for wool to synthetic fabric blends.

We use a dry cleaning mixture that can be evenly spread over the carpet and that can immediately agitate into the carpet pile either mechanically or manually. The micro sponges we use are immersed in organic cleaning solvents that help dissolve dirt and stains that are made of spills from coffee, shoe polish, blood or urine, and other substances. Agitation activates the micro sponge and the dissolved dirt is encapsulated or absorbed. Dissolved dirt is attracted to the micro sponge. Each micro sponge can absorb 10 times of its own weight. Once the micro sponge is ready to be vacuumed, it will leave the carpet clean, dry and disinfected.

Carpet cleaning advantages. Carpet cleaning with micro sponges helps work through the carpet pile and normal foot traffic can resume after they have worked their magic. There are no down times.
Carpet cleaning does not cause stretching, delaminating and shrinking of the carpet. It also does not cause padding to rot or backing due to moisture.

The process is also fast and takes only 90 minutes to let the carpet dry completely and keep your home or office smelling fresh and clean again.

With carpet cleaning, your carpet is not just cleaned, it is also disinfected. It can also give you some peace of mind and keep your home safe. We only use non-toxic and biodegradable products to keep your home safe for your children and pets as well.

At Kleenco Vic we know that the cleanliness of your workplace or home is very important for you. We understand that it is one of your top priorities and that you want to get the best service that you need at all times. Therefore, we have made specialised cleaning services that will suit your needs.

The several cleaning service options we offer can suit the needs that you have. Whatever cleaning need you have, we have the solution for you.
We can provide you:

• Commercial cleaning for cleaning your commercial spaces or business,
• Industrial cleaning for industrial settings like factories, warehouses, other types of industrial facilities and equipment,
• Office space cleaning for your office workplaces,
• House and apartment cleaning for your home or any residential area,
• Floor cleaning to clean all kinds of floors and to make them look great,
• Conference room cleaning to keep your favourite meeting area neat at all times.

What we do

As experienced cleaners, we provide an extensive range of services to clients across Victoria. Specialising in commercial, residential and corporate cleaning, we ensure that your premises are kept in a spotless condition at all times. Our professionals take care of all surfaces, floors, windows, restrooms and even ensure that your business is fully stocked with supplies.

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Our Team

We pride ourselves on delivering immaculate commercial, residential and corporate cleaning services to properties of all sizes. Our reliable and friendly team comes fully equipped with a range of premium eco-friendly cleaning products and equipment, ensuring a safe and non-toxic clean for the wellbeing of your family, guests and employees.

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