Melbourne Body Corporate Cleaning Services


Need Reliable Melbourne Body Corporate Cleaning Services?

Kleencovic are proud to work with Owners Corporation and Body Corporate clients from across Melbourne, working to deliver the most consistent and reliable Melbourne Body Corporate cleaning services available. Our professional commercial cleaners deliver highest-quality cleaning services, caretaking services, and sanitation services to the common areas (indoor and outdoor) of your Melbourne properties.


Melbourne Body Corporate Cleaning Services


Our Melbourne body corporate cleaners are committed to and passionate about their commercial cleaning work, and understand the importance of delivering a clean, healthy environment to properties across Melbourne. With a client-centered approach to body corporate cleaning and commercial cleaning in general, Kleencovic places emphasis on communication and customer-service, ensuring that the client chooses only the services they need, on a schedule that suits them best. We never expect you to pay for services that you haven’t asked for. Moreover, rather than simply offering uniform packaged cleaning services, we allow each individual client to select or nominate the individual services they need and schedule them accordingly. In addition to scheduled or routine body corporate cleaning services, we also provide one-off extensive body corporate cleaning if regular cleaning services are not needed.

In short, all our body corporate and owners corporation cleaning services are delivered in-line with the client’s nominated requirements. The following list of body corporate cleaning and owners corporation cleaning services is not exhaustive, but it provides a few examples of the sort of services we can perform at your Melbourne properties:

  • General cleaning services for indoor common areas, such as hallways, foyers, stairwells, elevators etc., including spot cleaning, spill cleaning, rubbish removal, dusting and cobweb removal.
  • Cleaning services for outdoor common areas, such as courtyards, entrances, walkways, etc., with an emphasis on spot cleaning, spill cleaning, rubbish removal and other detailed cleaning.
  • Vacuuming, carpet cleaning, steam cleaning for curtains and carpets as well as hard floor cleaning.
  • Bin services, sanitation services, and waste management services.
  • Graffiti removal services.
  • Window cleaning, wall and door cleaning, and other detailed cleaning services as required by the body corporate or owners corporation based on their needs.

Kleencovic ensures that responsive, proactive communication is an integral component of our Melbourne body corporate cleaning services. We encourage our clients to contact us immediately in the event that emergency or after hours cleaning services are required, or if there is any other issue that our body corporate cleaners need to be made aware of. Each new body corporate or owners corporation client represents a new professional relationship to be nurtured and developed by our skilled cleaning services staff and experienced management team, so that we may best deliver a healthy, clean, and safe environment at your Melbourne property.

With our flexible range of commercial cleaning services and our use of safe and environmentally-friendly cleaning products and practices, Kleencovic is ready to serve the cleaning needs of your owners corporation or body corporate property. To learn more about our Melbourne body corporate cleaning services, contact us today so that we can discuss your property cleaning needs and develop a plan to get your property looking its best.