Commercial Cleaning Melbourne

Commercial cleaning services are very important for businesses who need help in keeping their business premises clean and safe for their workers. It is an important element in the success of a business and in ensuring good health to the people working in it. Keeping the business premises clean helps keep the business functional and meet the standards set by local governments. It also helps businesses provide excellent service to their customers and clients.

Some of the extensive and professional commercial cleaning services we offer include:

Office cleaning

Clean and tidy office environments help companies in becoming more productive. A clean office can increase focus and lessen distraction by cluttered objects. The greater level of concentration leads to more and better work done. It also lessens time wasted. It lessens the time of searching documents like what happens in a messy workplace. Well-organised offices help in tracking down paper work quickly and easily. Clean offices can also lessen stress because cluttered desks can lower stress threshold.

A clean office can also increase profitability because workers get more work done instead of wasting time looking for documents. Getting more work done helps in gaining greater profits in the long-term.

Clean offices also lessen absenteeism. Unclean working environments can make staff fall ill or sick which in turn make them take sick leave on sick days. Clean workspaces can cut down absenteeism because it helps keep the place a healthy working environment free of germs, bacteria, and microbes.

Clean offices improve employee morale. A clean working environment can make employees happier in their work and help them get more work done than in an untidy environment.

Event cleaning

This type of cleaning involves single room conferences and large-scale public gatherings which ensures that the venue is kept in prime condition. Events we cater to include music festivals, natural trade shows, corporate hospitality, conferences, and sporting events. This kind of service is offered for any small, medium or large-scale cleaning before, during or after the event. We will survey the site for you and provide the necessary cleaning service suited for your needs.

Restaurant and pub cleaning

Since pubs and restaurants are always inspected for health and safety, we ensure that you will get the cleanliness standards you need for these businesses. We offer back house restaurant cleaning which include: deep cleaning the kitchen, sanitation of surfaces like cutting board and preparation tables, cleaning of steam tables, equipment cleaning, covering of bins with plastic wrap, floor mat washing, sweeping and mopping of kitchen floors, cleaning refrigerators and grease traps, changing foil linings of grills, flat tops, and ranges, cleaning hood filters, and cleaning staff toilets and washroom facilities.

We also offer front house restaurant cleaning services which include: cleaning of entrance areas and foyers; fa├žade, canopy and window cleaning, bar cleaning, cleaning of standing and seating areas, floor cleaning like mopping, sweeping, and polishing. We also offer stripping and waxing of floors, jet washing, and patio cleaning.

We also clean tables, surfaces, food warmers, buffet hot plates, and display cabinets. Other services we offer include spot cleaning, bathroom, sink, toilet, and urinal cleaning, emptying of rubbish and recycling bins, restocking of washroom consumables, cleaning air conditioning vents and sanitation.

Leisure and sports cleaning

Our services offer to keep sports and leisure facilities and gymnasiums in excellent condition. We keep them hygienic for all visitors for them to have a pleasant experience. We offer services like cleaning the entrance areas and foyers, cleaning gym equipment and sanitising, keeping the swimming pools and spa clean, mopping, sweeping and polishing, waxing, cleaning bars, food warmers, eateries, buffet hotplates, and display cabinets. We also do spot cleaning, washroom, shower, sink, toilet and urinal cleaning and emptying rubbish and recycling bins. Part of our services also include restocking washroom consumables and cleaning air conditioning vents.

We also clean facades, canopies, and windows. Other services we offer include signage cleaning and exterior jet washing.

Cleaning on the end of tenancy

Once the lease agreement expires on a rented property, cleaning is needed for the next tenant. We will vacuum floors, clean internal window and glass, de-scale sink and taps, degrease surfaces and tiles, clean and polish tiles, clean cupboards, shelves and drawers, exteriors of appliances, kettles, toasters and microwaves. We also clean hobs and extractors. We also de-scale porcelain fixtures, baths, showers, toilets, basins, tile, floors in wet rooms and shower trays. We polish screens, baths, taps, basins, and tiles. We can also wet clean surfaces, radiators, sills, door frames and doors. Cobweb removal and cleaning of electrical fixtures are other services we offer.

Cleaning of ventilation. Consistent maintenance of vents and extraction units is important in preventing, dust, dirt, and debris from accumulating and becoming a health hazard to the people living or working in the space they serve.

As time pass, kitchen canopy filters develop a build-up of grease that is difficult to remove with normal cleaning methods. If they are not cleaned the filters become ineffective and shorten the life of the fan. It can also be a fire hazard in commercial kitchens.

We will remove solidified cooking oils and carbon deposits to keep your kitchen clean. Vent fans that are free from grease and dirt use less energy and are more efficient in removing extracted air from the facility. Therefore, avail of our services to keep them grease and dirt-free.

If you have more questions about our commercial cleaning services, talk to us and we will gladly help you out.